Friday, July 13, 2012

LetterboxingDay two

After a day to catch back up on housework, we set out again.  This time we went to Priest Point Park, which is a gorgeous park by the Olympia Pier.  Lots of trails and lots of letterboxing boxes. 
We found a quick one called Wedding in the Park.

Then we went on a search for Curiouser and Curiouser, an Alice in Wonderland one that had 4 boxes.  Never did find any of them.  But we did see this tree and I told the kids that it would be a perfect place to hide one as it had a nice little shelf (that you can't see in the picture) up high enough to get to but not seen.
Sure enough, the next one The Crow and the Picture was hidden by this exact tree (though not on the shelf).

We set out to find one called Kirby's nature walk that had 12 boxes in a series.  Couldn't find where to begin, but we did find this beautiful flower.

This one made me want to bring markers to do letterboxing with.   Some of the kids were able to huff on the stamp and get the colors that someone else had done... not me, I'm always last to get the stamp.   It was called Home Tweet Home and was near the shore of the sound at Priest Point Park.
 Something we are going to add to the boxes we make....
 Because, yes, we are going to make boxes, it is just a matter of time.  LOL
 Everyone took turns holding the clue paper and reading the clues to everyone.  This was Colby's turn.  He did Father Ricard, a historical one that told about the priest who set up a fort/ trading post for the local tribes of native Americans (Hence the name Priest Point Park).
 There was this cool tree growing out of a old stump.  Couldn't resist a picture.

Another fun day of letterboxing.  Everyone was exhausted. 
But that wasn't all.  In a bid to get Keith as hooked as we all are, after feeding the kids and getting them ready for bed we went of on a date to look by the hospital, St Peter's.
IT was a hard one.  We had to find soemone who knew where a gazebo used to be in order to find it.

 Do you think it worked??  Will he want to go with us again?  I've already printed out some that are in DuPont so he could go with us on a lunch break sometime.

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